Dodge / Jeep Screamin’ Demon Coils




Enhance the performance of your computer controlled vehicle by replacing the stock coil with our high voltage Screamin’ Demon Coil! The Screamin’ Demon coils are designed to produce an exceptional spark throughout the entire RPM range with virtually no drop off in power. Stock coils are notorious for spark falling off as the RPM’s increase. The higher spark output of our Screamin’ Demon has been dyno tested to provide more horsepower and torque over the stock coil. Quicker starting , smoother idle and better throttle response are some additional benefits of this coil. Plug gaps can be opened up to .060″ – .065″ which allows for more spark energy to enter the combustion chamber and improve the burn of the fuel mixture. This provides more power and better fuel mileage. All Screamin’ Demon Coils have brass terminals for better conductivity and corrosion resistance. For best performance we recommend using at least an 8 mm spiral core plug wire. The LiveWires are an excellent addition to the Screamin’ Demon Coil and come available in Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver and Yellow.

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