Chevrolet Screamin’ Demon Coils



Improve the power and efficiency of your fuel injected Chevy with the high voltage Screamin’ Demon Coil! Our Screamin’ Demon coils are designed for distributorless and computer controlled ignition systems to increase performance by intensifying spark output. Rated at 45,000 volts, these coils improve combustion by allowing spark plug gaps to be opened up to .060″-.065″. This is a .010″-.020″ larger gap over stock! The increase in gap exposes more electrifying voltage to the fuel mixture for an enhanced burn. A more efficient burn of the fuel equals more horsepower and torque. Quicker starting , smoother idle, better throttle response and increased fuel mileage are additional benefits. Screamin’ Demon Coils are quality built with brass terminals for better conductivity and corrosion resistance. The Screamin’ Demon Coil has a one year warranty from date of purchase.

For best performance, we recommend using at least an 8 mm spiral core plug wire with this coil. The LiveWires are an excellent addition to the Screamin’ Demon and come in your choice of Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver and Yellow. Please see our Chevrolet LiveWires page for more information.

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Chevrolet Screamin’ Demon Coils

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