Sultans Of Spark

  • More Voltage Output Over Stock
  • Extend Plug Gaps To .065″
  • Increases Performance And Efficiency
  • Installs In OEM Location
  • Compatible w/ Flash Devices & Programmers

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Boost ignition performance with our SOS (Sultans Of Spark) Coils for 1997-2019 General Motors LS engines. These hotter coils are packed with more voltage over the stock coils to help produce increased power, better throttle response, quicker starting and smoother idle! The LS SOS Coils have 7000 more volts per coil over stock and this additional spark energy will fire plug gaps up to .065″. Extended plug gaps expose a larger spark kernel in the combustion chamber for an increased burn of the fuel mixture, thus giving your LS extra performance and better fuel efficiency. Our design team has used the latest technology to enhance the coil windings for higher output, yet maintained the original size so the coils will mount in the OEM bracket and retain the factory wiring. LS SOS Coils are fully compatible with flash devices and programmers. Superior thermal epoxy leads to improved heat transfer and vibration resistance. Brass terminals are utilized for improved conduction and resistance to corrosion. LS SOS Coils have a one year warranty from date of purchase.

To ensure the high voltage spark produced by the LS SOS Coils reaches the plug, we recommend our LiveWires for maximum performance. Click on Chevrolet LiveWires below for part numbers and color options.

View Install And Dyno Article On Our SOS Coils Courtesy Of

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
LS SOS Coils

GM 4.8/5.3 Liter (1999-2007), GM 5.3 Liter Flex Fuel (1999-2007), GM 5.3/6.2 Liter (2007-2013), GM 5.3/6.2 Liter (2014-2019), GM 5.7 Liter LS1 (1997-2004), Single GM 5.7 Liter LS1 (1997-2004), Single LS/Vortec SOS Coil (2014-2019), Single LS/Vortec SOS Coil, Round (2000-2006), Single LS/Vortec SOS Coil, Square (2007-2013), Single LS/Vortec SOS Coil, Triangular (1999-2007)

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