Subaru SOS Coils


Sultans Of Spark

  • Enhanced Coil Windings
  • More Voltage Output Over Stock
  • Increases Performance And Efficiency
  • Installs In OEM Location
  • Includes 4 SOS Coils
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S.O.S. (Sultans of Spark) Coils are now available for the 2004-2011 2.5 liter turbocharged Subaru WRX! These high voltage coils transfer more spark energy to the plugs over the stock coils. The higher voltage output allows plug gaps to be opened up to .040″! With the larger gap and longer spark duration, the fuel burn is more complete for increased performance. Quicker starting, smoother idle, improved fuel mileage and more power are the advantages of the S.O.S. Coils. These coils mount in the original factory location with no modifications to the stock wiring.

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