Street/Strip Mini-VIP – 18 Volt Transformer


*The Mini-VIP is for use with our DUI and HEI type ignition systems. It is NOT intended for spark boxes or ignition systems that draw 6 or more amps.

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The new 18 volt Mini-VIP (Voltage Intensive Power) steps up your charging systems 14 volts to 18 volts, which is sent specifically to your ignition system in order to provide your engine with the ultimate spark for improved combustion.

The 18 volt Mini-VIP is truly a revolutionary product that leads to “Chargition”. “Chargition” is what Performance Distributors defines as the science that bridges the gap between your charging system and your ignition system. It emphasizes how a maximum performing charging system leads to a maximum performing ignition system.

The 18 volts produced by the Mini-VIP enables you to open up your spark plug gaps to a whopping .070″. The larger gap and hotter spark will burn the fuel more completely on each piston stroke. Voltage drop, which occurs when you have your accessories running, is eliminated as the Mini-VIP isolates the 18 volts to your ignition system only! In the long run, your plugs will stay cleaner. Some applications will also be able to run a richer fuel mixture due to the additional spark intensity.

The unit is a simple three wire installation. The Mini-VIP is true to its name as it is small enough to mount anywhere and only weighs one pound.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in