Vortec FirePower Ignition Kit


The Firepower Advantage…

  • Quicker Starting
  • Smoother Idle
  • More Power and Torque
  • Increased Fuel Mileage
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Improve the performance of your Vortec by installing our high dwell Dyna-Module! Dwell within the module controls a coils saturation time, which is the time needed by the coil to produce a spark. The dwell in our Dyna-Module has been increased electronically to provide the coil with additional saturation time. The result is a more intense and longer duration spark in the combustion chamber that will improve throttle response and low end power! Installation is easy as the Dyna-Module mounts in the original factory location with no modifications.

Install our 45,000 volt Screamin’ Demon Coil on your Vortec and open spark plug gaps to a massive .065″! The larger plug gap exposes more spark to the fuel mixture for the most complete combustion possible. A more complete burn means more horsepower and better fuel economy! Quicker starts and a smoother idle are additional benefits gained from the Screamin’ Demon Coil. This high voltage coil is too hot for stock plug wires so we suggest our LiveWires for the best performance. Easy installation as this coil mounts in the original factory bracket.

Our high quality cap and rotor has excellent dielectric strength to resist carbon tracking and corrosion. The terminals are made from super conductive brass to insure all of the spark is delivered from the coil to the plugs

Delivering a high voltage spark to the plug requires a quality spark plug wire. Our LiveWires are unsurpassed in quality by offering low resistance and high temperature protection. The 8 mm wire is covered by a heat treated fiberglass sleeve that protects the wire up to 1400° F. The spiral wound core is radio suppression so there is no radio noise or computer interference. Unlike universal plug wire sets, LiveWires do not require any assembly. All sets are custom fit and numbered at each end for the correct cylinder. Available in red, black, blue, purple and yellow, the LiveWires will give your Vortec the best plug wire technology along with a high performance look.

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