Toyota Landcruiser DUI Distributor


**Current Estimated Shipping Time For This Distributor is 6-8 Weeks**

  • Simple One Wire Hookup
  • Internal Coil and Module
  • Water, Mud & Vibration Proof
  • Allows For Wider Plug Gaps
  • Fits F and 2F Engines

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Toyota Landcruiser F and 2F owners, get charged with a D.U.I.! NO, not that D.U.I. but the Performance Distributors DUI (Davis Unified Ignition)! Installing our DUI into the F or 2F engine means you will be “Driving Under the Influence” of “MORE POWER!” This is the original one-wire ignition system for the Toyota inline 6 cylinder. Built from high quality components, the DUI is the most powerful and reliable stand alone distributor available for the Landcruisers. Our high voltage coil, located inside the distributor cap, produces a spark strong enough to fire a massive .055″ plug gap! The internal high dwell module provides longer spark duration for a crisper, smoother running engine. The mechanical advance assembly is a true Performance Distributors specialty. We use a high performance weight and spring assembly engineered for super smooth operation. The advance assembly is tuned using a Sun distributor machine to ensure a precise timing curve that will provide maximum power throughout the RPM range while eliminating engine damaging detonation. An adjustment free vacuum advance is selected to work with the centrifugal advance for better drivability and increased fuel mileage. Along with more horsepower and torque, additional benefits include quicker starting and smoother idle. The Landcruiser DUI is also designed to be virtually waterproof, making it ideal for off-road conditions. With the internal electronics protected, the DUI will continue to run when other ignition systems fail after being exposed to the off-road elements. Although the DUI is uniquely designed, replacement parts are easy to find. GM HEI replacement parts will fit right on the DUI and these parts can be found at your local auto parts store. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitation one wire distributors that are available, the DUI is unsurpassed in quality and is the original one-piece ignition system for Landcruisers! The Toyota Landcruiser DUI is covered by a one year warranty from date of purchase.

Fits 68 – 87 Toyota F and 2F engines.

*Not Legal For Sale or Use on Any Pollution-Controlled Vehicle in California.

Please note that DUI Distributors may not be ready for immediate shipping. The attention to quality and detail requires us to build each unit per order, and due to this process orders can take several weeks to complete before shipping out. During our busy season (March-September), build times can take slightly longer.

LiveWires For Toyota DUI

Delivering a high voltage spark to the plug requires a quality spark plug wire. Our LiveWires are unsurpassed in quality by offering low resistance and high temperature protection. The 8 mm wire is covered by a heat treated fiberglass sleeve that protects the wire up to 1400° F. The spiral wound core is radio suppression so there is no radio noise or computer interference. Unlike universal plug wire sets, LiveWires do not require any assembly. All sets are custom fit and numbered at each end for the correct cylinder. Colors available are black, blue, purple, red, silver and yellow. Please visit our LiveWires page for more information.

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