Mini Racing Alternator


  • Weighs Only 7 LBS
  • One Wire Hookup
  • Starts Charging Immediately
  • 50 Amp Output
  • New 80 Amp Version
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Add the benefits of increased voltage to your race car and save weight by installing the Performance Distributors Mini Racing Alternator! The lightweight and compact design of this alternator produces 14.5 – 14.9 volts and only weighs 7 lbs! 50 amp and 80 amp output is available to keep the battery charged while making sure all accessories receive full voltage. Just connect one wire from the alternator to a positive battery connection and you’re ready to run. The unit starts charging at approximately 725 rpms and dual internal fans keep the mini alternator very cool and durable. A 2.8″ diameter deep groove pulley is included.

Specifications: 5.25″ From Bolt Hole to Bolt Hole, 5.25″ From the back of the case to the center groove of the pulley, 7 lbs.

*30 day warranty from date of purchase.

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Mini Racing Alternator

50 Amp Version (All Chevrolet and Ford V8's), 80 Amp Version (All Chevrolet and Ford V8's), Mini Alternator Bracket (Small Block Chevrolet)