International 266-304-345-392 V8 DUI Distributor


**Current Estimated Shipping Time For This Distributor is 6-8 Weeks**

  • High Performance Electronic Ignition
  • Simple 12 Volt One Wire Hookup
  • Internal Coil and Module
  • Water, Mud & Vibration Proof
  • Performance Tuned Advance
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International Harvester owners have almost been totally ignored by the performance ignition manufacturers…….. until now! Performance Distributors is proud to offer the D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) distributor for International V8 engines! The D.U.I. is a one-piece ignition system that incorporates the coil and module inside the distributor. Only one 12 volt hot wire is needed for hookup. The D.U.I. features a 50,000 volt coil and the high dwell Dyna Module. These components work together to produce a longer duration spark that is strong enough to fire a massive .055″ spark plug gap! The larger plug gap burns the fuel mixture more completely, leading to more power, better fuel efficiency and cleaner spark plugs. The D.U.I. allows FULL voltage into the ignition system so no ballast resistor is required. Every D.U.I. is hand assembled to exact tolerances – no mass production. Each unit is calibrated on a Sun Distributor Machine with a super smooth advance curve to provide instant throttle response, more power and eliminate engine damaging detonation. A non-adjustable vacuum advance is also utilized to compliment the mechanical advance for the best drivability. No trial and error for you, the D.U.I. is ready to drop in and run when you receive it!

Performance Distributors International D.U.I. is built for durability and longevity. The unit features upper and lower oil impregnated bronze bushings, high strength aluminum housing and solid steel main shaft. With the internal electronic components, the D.U.I. is virtually mud and water proof, making it ideal for off-road conditions.

Fits 266-304-345-392 CID

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the large size of the DUI, the thermostat housing MUST be modified to allow for distributor clearance. We no longer provide the altered thermostat housing with the distributor due to core housings being in short supply. The following link will take you to a tutorial on how to modify your thermostat housing: T-Stat Modification Video. You may send your T-Stat housing to us for modification. The fee for this service is $35.00 plus return shipping.

The International DUI is covered by a one year warranty from date of purchase.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Color Choice

Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Yellow

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