Ford Duraspark E.D. Module and Coil Kit


  • More Electronic Dwell
  • Higher Voltage Output
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • More Horsepower & Torque
  • Quicker Starting
  • Smoother Idle
  • Easy Installation
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Let the sparks fly with your Ford Duraspark distributor by installing our new E.D. Dyna-Module and Inferno Coil! The newly designed E.D. (Extra Dwell) Dyna-Mod features a higher electronic dwell setting over a stock module plus a built-in rev limiter. The Extra Dwell in this module improves performance and efficiency in the ignition system by generating a longer saturation time for the coil to charge up. This creates a more intense and longer duration spark at the plug when the coil discharges, leading to more power and quicker throttle response. The built-in rev limiter provides a smooth and accurate rev limit by dropping the spark to individual cylinders. The RPM limit is adjustable in 100 rpm increments via rotary switches on the end of the control box. The E.D. Inferno Coil is perfectly matched to this module to provide maximum performance. The high voltage output will allow spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055”. A larger gap means more spark is hitting the fuel mixture, maximizing the combustion process for superlative performance. This complete system, along with the performance tuned advance in our Duraspark distributor, will greatly improve horsepower, torque, starting and idle quality over a stock ignition system. Whether it’s for racing, off-road or everyday street driving, the E.D. Dyna-Module and E.D. Inferno Coil will take any Ford engine up to the next level.

Compatible with all Ford V8, 6 Cylinder and 4 Cylinder Duraspark ignition systems.
Wiring harness and easy to follow instructions included.

The E.D. Dyna-Module and Inferno Coil Kit have a one year warranty from date of purchase

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