Ford Duraspark


  • Performance Tuned Advance Curve
  • Durable Full Length Bushing
  • Factory Motorcraft Distributor Housing
  • Racing or Street Use

**Estimated Shipping Time For This Distributor is 3-4 Weeks**



The Ford Duraspark we offer is a high performance unit for those who want a completely stock appearing or factory style electronic distributor. Each Duraspark Electronic Distributor is custom calibrated on a distributor machine and blueprinted for your Ford engine to provide maximum power, torque and instant throttle response. We tune the centrifugal advance using information about the vehicle and engine such as cam duration & lift, carburetor size, compression ratio, vehicle weight and octane of fuel. A super smooth advance curve assures excellent performance and mileage. The vacuum advance is calibrated for maximum fuel economy and light throttle ping is eliminated. The factory center bushing on our Duraspark Distributors is replaced with a full length bronze oil impregnated bushing to provide increased durability and cure top end timing fluctuation, which is a common problem in these distributors due to the weaker stock bushing. Our Duraspark Distributor can be used for a number of applications from everyday street use to all out racing. The distributor is capable of 10,000 rpms with our Dyna-Module and Inferno Coil kit. It will work with other modules and coils, but rpm ability is not guaranteed. Comes with a brass terminal cap and rotor in your choice of blue or red.

Please note that Duraspark Distributors may not be ready for immediate shipping. The attention to quality and detail requires us to build each unit per order, and due to this process orders can take several days to complete before shipping out. During our busy season (March-September), build times can take slightly longer.

The Ford Duraspark is covered by a one year warranty from date of purchase on street use applications. Racing applications have a 30 day warranty.

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Ford Duraspark

Ford 170-200, Inline 6 Cylinder, Ford 2.0 & 2.3 Liter 4 Cylinder, Ford 221-289-302 (1963-1985), Ford 240-300, Inline 6 Cylinder, Ford 302 w/ Factory Roller Cam (Carbureted), Ford 332-352-360-390-410-427-428 (1968-1976), Ford 351 Windsor (1969-1979), Ford 351C-351M-400-429-460 (1969-1981), Ford V6 – 171 CID (2.8 Liter), Module and Coil Kit – High Output (All Duraspark Applications)

Color Choice

Black, Blue, Clear, Gray, Red, Yellow