Ford Street/Strip DUI


**Current Estimated Shipping Time For This Distributor is 6-8 Weeks**

The D.U.I. Advantage

  • Simple One Wire Hookup
  • Instant Throttle Response
  • Performance Tuned Advance Curve
  • 50,000 Volt Coil and Dyna Module
  • Hand Built in USA
  • Original HEI Style Distributor For Fords

Click Here to Download Ford Street/Strip DUI Instructions


Add some serious firepower to your Ford engine by installing our DUI Distributor! The all in one DUI (Davis Unified Ignition) has everything you need for the ignition system in one simple unit. No external coils, modules or spark boxes are needed! Just one 12 volt hot wire connected to the DUI will send 50,000 volts of pure spark energy to the plugs and light the cylinders like never before. Increased horsepower, torque and fuel mileage along with quicker starting and smoother idle are the benefits of installing the DUI. These gains are made by the high performance coil and module and custom tuning of the advance weights and springs . The high voltage coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to a massive .055″. The dwell in our Dyna-Module has been increased electronically to allow the coil to produce a longer duration spark. The combination of the large gap and longer spark provide the most complete combustion of the fuel mixture possible. A special weight and spring assembly is hand fitted and dialed-in using a Sun Distributor Machine for a precise timing curve that will match the specifications of your engine and vehicle. The super smooth advance provides instant throttle response and maximum power throughout the rpm range with no pre-detonation. Vacuum advance is provided for improved fuel economy and cleaner spark plugs. Installation for the hot wire and a tachometer are made simple with the included connectors. The DUI is built for durability with an upper and lower bronze bushing. Two bushings provide shaft stability for accurate trigger signals and years of trouble free operation. The oil impregnated bushings are also known to outlast ball bearings! The Ford DUI is based on the HEI (High Energy Ignition) system and although it is uniquely designed, replacement parts can be found at any local auto parts store. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitation one wire distributors, the DUI is unsurpassed in quality and is the original one-piece ignition system for Fords!

**Each DUI Distributor is hand built to order with quality components and attention to detail. Due to our meticulous process, distributors are not available for immediate shipping and take time to produce. With added supply disruptions in raw materials, our current processing time averages 6-8 weeks from the time an order is received until it ships.**

Have a roller cam? Visit our Distributor Gears page to select the correct gear for your camshaft.

*Due to the large cap design, the DUI distributor may interfere with the thermostat housing on a 460. A compatible thermostat housing is available for $25.00, part number 84859 (see related products below). The 302 and 351W DUI will not clear a Victor Jr. intake manifold. We can extend the height 1/2″ – 1 3/4″ for an additional fee of $105.00. Extended distributors are custom order and cannot be ordered online. Please call 901-396-5782. High volume oil pumps are not recommended with the DUI as possible irregular gear wear can occur. The Street/Strip DUI has a one year warranty from date of purchase.

LiveWires For Ford

Delivering a high voltage spark to the plug requires a quality spark plug wire. Our LiveWires are unsurpassed in quality by offering low resistance and high temperature protection. The 8 mm wire is covered by a heat treated fiberglass sleeve that protects the wire up to 1400° F. The spiral wound core is radio suppression so there is no radio noise or computer interference. Unlike universal plug wire sets, LiveWires do not require any assembly. All sets are custom fit and numbered at each end for the correct cylinder. Colors available are black, blue, purple, red, silver and yellow (see related products below).

Additional information

Weight N/A
Ford Street/Strip DUI

Ford Inline 6 Cylinder: 144-170 cid, Ford Inline 6 Cylinder: 170-200 cid, Ford Inline 6 Cylinder: 240-300 cid, Ford V6: 232 cid (3.8L), Ford V8: 221-289-302 cid, Ford V8: 302 cid (5.0 Liter) w/ Factory Roller Cam, Ford V8: 351 Windsor, Ford V8: 351C-351M-400-429-460 cid, Ford V8: 352-360-390-427-428 cid (FE Series), Ford V8: 361-391 cid – Heavy Duty / Industrial

Color Choice

Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Yellow

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