Dodge 426 HEMI DUI Distributor


**Current Estimated Shipping Time For This Distributor is 6-8 Weeks**

The DUI Advantage

  • Internal Coil and Module
  • One Wire Hookup
  • Custom Advance Curve
  • Street/Strip Version – Up To 7000 RPM's
  • Racing Version – Up to 10,000 RPM's


Our 426 HEMI DUI Distributor is a high performance, one piece ignition system capable of pumping out 50,000 volts of pure spark energy! This high output ignition system utilizes a custom timing curve and modern electronics to fire the fuel in a way no stock ignition ever could. The efficient design of the 426 hemispherical combustion chambers require less total timing than other engines. Taking this into consideration, we calibrate the HEMI DUI on a Sun distributor machine with a precise timing curve for optimum performance. The high output coil and module allow spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055″. Not only are these electronics firing a larger gap but spark duration is also increased and this eliminates the need for an add-on spark box. The DUI keeps your engine compartment clean as only one 12 volt hot wire is needed for hookup. It reduces clutter as you won’t have any messy wiring and no external coils or modules to mount.

Craftsmanship is exemplary with the DUI. Both an upper and lower bushing are utilized and this prevents spark scatter while improving longevity. The unit is polished and lubricated where necessary and all parts are hand fitted. Each DUI is given an ID number and your vehicle and engine specs are kept on file permanently.

Whether you are running a new 426 crate engine or an early 426 production HEMI, we can set up a DUI for your application. The HEMI DUI is available in our Street/Strip (7000 rpms) and Racing (9000 rpms) versions.

DIMENSIONS: The Hemi DUI measures 15.5″ from the hold down clamp to the top of the cap. The diameter of the distributor cap is 5 1/4″.

Due to space limitations, the distributor is built without a vacuum advance.

The Street/Strip HEMI DUI has a one year warranty from date of purchase. The Racing HEMI DUI has a 30 day warranty.

Please note that DUI Distributors are not ready for immediate shipping. The attention to quality and detail requires us to build each unit per order, and due to this process orders can take several days to complete before shipping out. During our busy season (March-September), build times can take slightly longer.

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Dodge/Chrysler 426 CID HEMI – Racing Version, Dodge/Chrysler 426 CID HEMI – Street/Strip Version

Color Choice

Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Yellow