GM Marine DUI


**Current Estimated Shipping Time For This Distributor is 6-8 Weeks**

The DUI Advantage

  • Virtually Waterproof
  • Vabration Proof
  • Fully Electronic
  • One Wire Hookup
  • 7000 and 10,000 RPM Versions
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Increase performance and simplify the ignition system in your boat by installing our Marine DUI Distributor! The Marine DUI (Davis Unified Ignition) is a one-piece distributor that is virtually waterproof and will withstand the severe vibrations of a marine engine. The DUI is a complete ignition system in one simple unit. No external coils or ignition boxes are necessary! Just one 12 volt hot wire hooked up to the DUI is all you need to get your marine engine running with more power and torque. Improved performance comes from our 50,000 volt coil and high dwell Dyna-Module. The coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055″. The increased dwell within the module makes the coil produce a longer duration spark. The combination of the two will provide the most complete burn of the fuel mixture possible. Performance is also enhanced from the super smooth advance curve tuned into the DUI. A special weight and spring assembly is hand fitted and dialed-in using a distributor machine for a precise timing curve that will match the specifications of your engine and boat. The custom tuned advance provides instant throttle response and maximum power throughout the rpm range. Our Marine DUI is available in two versions. The Marine 7000 version is designed for stock to mildly modified engines that will not turn more than 7000 rpm’s. The Marine 10,000 version is built for high performance and racing applications that turn up to 10,000 rpm’s. Both versions are blueprinted and precision built by polishing, lubing and setting exact tolerances as they are assembled. The Marine DUI also has flame arrestors installed which distinguishes it from our automotive DUI’s. All distributors come complete, including the brass terminal cap and rotor and stock gear. Reverse rotation gears are also available for most dual engine applications. No matter what your boat is used for, cruising, pulling skiers or all out racing, we have a DUI to fit your needs.

Marine applications using Chevrolet EFI engines can also benefit from a DUI! Our one-piece unit comes with a 50,000 volt coil and high dwell 7 pin Dyna-Module. This distributor also allows plug gaps to be opened up to .055″. This unit can be used to replace the small EFI distributor and remote mounted coil. A plug-in adapter is included for the conversion to reduce wiring to a minimum.

If space is a factor, we also offer the small EFI distributor. This system includes the high dwell 8 pin Dyna-Module and brass terminal cap and rotor. Enhance the output of this unit by adding our Screamin’ Demon Coil. This coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .060″. The Screamin’ Demon Coil is not included with this distributor.

**Each DUI Distributor is hand built to order with quality components and attention to detail. Due to our meticulous process, distributors are not available for immediate shipping and take time to produce. With added supply disruptions in raw materials, our current processing time averages 6-8 weeks from the time an order is received until it ships.**

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Weight 7 lbs
GM Marine DUI

Chevrolet Small/Big Block V8 (10,000 RPM's), Chevrolet Small/Big Block V8 (7000 RPM's), Chevrolet Small/Big Block V8 (7000 RPM's) w/ Reverse Gear, Chevrolet Small/Big Block V8 w/ EFI (External Coil), Chevrolet Small/Big Block V8 w/ EFI (Internal Coil – HEI), Oldsmobile 350-455 V8 (7000 RPM's)

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Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Yellow


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