Buick Straight 8 DUI Distributor


**Current Estimated Shipping Time For This Distributor is 6-8 Weeks**

  • Simple One Wire Hookup
  • Allows For Wider Plug Gaps
  • All Electronic Ignition – No Points
  • 50,000 Volt Coil and Dyna-Module
  • Performance Tuned Advance Curve
  • Increased Horsepower and Fuel Mileage
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Now available for the Vintage Buick Straight 8 is the high performance DUI Distributor! This high powered ignition will light the fire in the straight 8 like never before. Built with our popular Street/Strip DUI Coil, you can open the plug gaps to a massive .055″! Also included is the high dwell Dyna-Module which allows the coil to produce a longer duration spark over stock ignitions. The advance curve is custom tuned to provide the most power throughout the RPM range with no pre-detonation. Additional benefits are quicker starting, smoother idle and it is all electronic – NO POINTS! Installation is easy with only one wire required for hookup. Bring your straight 8 up to date by adding some serious firepower with the DUI! Comes with easy to follow instructions and is backed by a one year warranty.

Fits 248-263-320 cubic inch engines from 1936-1953.

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Weight7 lbs

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