General Specifications

Input: 105-130 Vac 50/60 Hz
Output: 12 volts @ 1.33 Amps
Charge Voltage: 14.2 – 14.4 Vdc
Float Voltage: 13.4 volts
Desulphation Pulse: 1.0A @ 3.26 MHz
Float Current: 5 mA – 1Amp
Size/Weight: 3-3/4″ L x 2-1/2″ W x 2-1/4″ H / 2.3 lbs.

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Don’t just charge your batteries….Condition them!

The BatteryMINDer PLUS® automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing sulphation using safe, U.S. patented high-frequency pulse technology. Guaranteed to significantly increase your battery’s life and performance, or you get 100% of your money back within 1-year. This guarantee is in addition to our five (5) year “no hassle” warranty.

The BatteryMINDer PLUS® is a 3-mode charger/maintainer/conditioner that extends performance and life of all types and sizes of 12 Volt lead acid batteries. These include maintenance-free, marine, deep cycle, sealed, gel, and all popular brands of AGM dry-type, valve-regulated batteries, such as the Dyna-Batt.

(1) 1.33 Amps = Maximum charging current when battery is fully discharged. 1.0 Amp = Maximum current available if required by battery when unit is in maintenance mode.
(2) Rated #1 by Motorcycle Consumers News, Feb. 05.
(3) Sulphation is the #1 cause of early battery failure and loss of performance as determined by the
Battery Council International, Dec. 1998.

Safely charges-maintains-conditions all size/type/brand starter, deep cycle, maintenance-type, maintenance-free,
sealed, gelled, AGM or dry-type batteries.

• Charges and maintains from 1 to 5 batteries at a time (12 Volt batteries parallel-connected or 6 Volt batteries
series-connected) for less than 15¢ per month.

• Guaranteed to never overcharge any battery, regardless of how long connected.

• Full-Time Desulphation-automatically dissolves harmful sulphate when unit is in either the charge or maintenance
modes, using safe U.S. Patented pulse technology.

• No need to add water to maintenance-type batteries during long, non-use storage.

• Isolation transformer and smart chip technology ensure safe, long-term performance.

• Automatic reset thermostat – prevents damage to charger when unit is connected to faulty battery

• Full-time battery monitoring – automatically tests battery every microsecond, supplying only the current needed to
maintain battery at full charge.

• Weatherproof; conformal-coated circuitry ensures trouble-free life even in high-moisture marine environments.

• Allows battery to be stored safely at 0°F to +120°F.

• Unit comes complete with Qwik connect/disconnect battery clips and a ring terminal assembly (with easily
replaceable fuse) for permanent connection.

• Full year 100% money-back guarantee takes the risk out of trying this product.

• Five (5) year “No Hassle” warranty covers everything except physical abuse.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs