Ford 5.0 Dyna Module (94-95)


More Electronic Dwell
Better Throttle Response
Increased Performance
Easy Installation

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Improve the performance of your Ford by installing our high dwell 5.0 Dyna-Module! Dwell within the module controls a coils saturation time, which is the time needed by the coil to produce a spark. The dwell in our 5.0 Dyna-Module has been increased electronically to provide the coil with additional saturation time. The result is a more intense and longer duration spark in the combustion chamber that will improve throttle response and low end power! Installation is easy as the 5.0 Dyna-Module mounts in the original factory location with no modifications.

Fits: 94-95 Mustang 5.0 / 91-96 Ford F-150 5.0

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