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Performance Distributors

Because we design our ignition systems as if we were running them in our own vehicles, quality, performance and reliability are the end result. Kelly Davis, the founder of Performance Distributors (Steve’s father), designed the industry’s first H.E.I. Performance Distributor. Kelly, who had a background in drag racing and hot rodding, mastered the science (and art) of setting advance curves. This unique science was passed on to Steve, and the company is now the most respected in the world for their advance curve technology.

2699 barris drive Memphis Tennessee 38132




I have a Jeep CJ7 with the AMC 2.5 4 cylinder engine it was oil fouling spark plugs because it needed new valve guides and seals. I purchased a D.U.I. distributor from you and gapped the spark plugs at 0.40 and it quit fouling plugs. Then I had a valve job done on the cylinder head and now it runs like a watch !

Just installed a DUI distributor and a set of Live Wires in my 1973 Trans Am 455. Super high quality components and very easy install. The increase in performance is amazing as well! Instant throttle response and increased lower RPM power - I highly recommend Performance Distributors!
Mark Bailey
Thank you Steve for all your help top notch company and I love my live wires
Skylar Mortensen

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