Ford Duraspark Dyna-Module


Higher Dwell
Better Throttle Response
Increased Performance
Easy Installation

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Improve the performance of your Ford Duraspark ignition system by installing our high dwell Dyna-Module! Dwell within the module controls a coils saturation time, which is the time needed by the coil to produce a spark. The dwell in our Duraspark Dyna-Module has been increased electronically to provide the coil with additional saturation time. The result is a more intense and longer duration spark in the combustion chamber that will improve throttle response and low end power! This is the recommended module for our Duraspark Distributor and will work great with stock Ford Durasparks. Comes with wiring harness and easy to follow instructions.

Compatible with all Ford V8, 6 Cylinder and 4 Cylinder Duraspark ignition systems.

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