Dodge Tri Power

Performance Distributors now offers a high performance electronic ignition system for small block and big block Chrysler engines that will work on applications where the D.U.I. will not fit. The Tri-Power ignition system features our Dyna Mod (HEI style module) mounted externally to a Chrysler distributor housing. The system also includes our high voltage “Inferno” coil which is mounted externally from the distributor. The Inferno coil allows spark plug gaps to be opened to an incredible .055″. Each Tri-Power distributor is custom tuned on a distributor machine based on your cam duration & lift, compression ratio, octane of fuel and vehicle weight. A super smooth advance curve will eliminate engine damaging detonation, provide instant throttle response and produce maximum power throughout your entire rpm range. With the combination of the high voltage coil and high dwell module, you will notice quicker starting, smoother idle and better performance up to 7500 rpms!. This system is ideal for small blocks in Darts, Demons, Dusters and pre 1970 Barracudas that also cannot use the DUI.

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