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Magazine Articles

Hot Rod Magazine

“The Loaded HEI”
September 2012 – Page 172

Hot Rod & Restoration

“Basic Ignition Wire Technology”
October 2010 – Page 22


Mopar Muscle

“Parts You Need for Your Mopar”
February 2012 – Page 12


Popular HotRodding Magazine

“The Ignition of Choice”
November 2011 – Page 58


JP Magazine

“Best Bargains”
March 2013 – Page 80


More Print Articles

Mustang Monthly

“How to Install a Duraspark Electronic Ignition,” April 2008 – Page 66
About our founder, “The Late Kelly Davis was a remarkable engine-tuning technician. He knew about ignition systems as well as Mark Martin knows how to drive a stock car.”

JP Magazine

“Recycled,” July 2009 – Page 64
“The Factory Ignition System is anemic and problematic, and as we found out, the overseas H.E.I. Conversions were questionable at best. The D.U.I. Is tuned specifically to our engine and now our V-8 revs like it should. The increase in reliability, power and torque is well worth the effort and expense.”

JP Magazine

“Hazel’s Command’OH,” October 2010 – Page 35
“One of the best mods I’ve made to any of my engines is a Performance Distributors D.U.I. HEI…..My idle smoothed out like a baby’s bum and throttle response went from sputtery to razor-sharp and crisp as a fall apple.”

Power Block Magazine

“Good D.U.I.,” Issue No. 33.
“Performance Distributor can work wonders for their HEI units……It’s not hard to see why Performance Distributors has such a sterling reputation on the street and on the track.”

Power Block Magazine

Super Chevy, “Heart Transplant,” September 2011 – Page 62
“…..A Performance Distributors Street/Strip D.U.I. Ignition with a clear cover. Now That’s the way we do it – Jersey – Style, Baby!”

David Vizard’s How to Build Horsepower

“How to build max-performance Chevy small blocks on a budget” Page 2
“The simplest and most cost effective ignition system available for the small block Chevy is still the HEI. It needs a little hopping up to get the job done, and a custom-built Performance Distributor unit takes care of that.”

Web Articles

“Tall Deck Distributor For Your Chevy From Performance Distributors” – March 2011
Performance Distributors new Chevy Tall Block D.U.I. Distributor features a slip collar with 7/8” of adjustability. This is great if you have decked your heads or milled your block, which changes the distance between where your distributor rests on the intake and where it meshes with your cam gear. This will insure a precise installation, while preventing engine damage from the distributor being out of alignment.

“Get Your Perfect Ford DUI Distributor From Performance Distributors” – May 2012
Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of your daily driver or take your Ford-powered race car to the next level, Performance Distributors has a DUI Distributor for you.

“Light Your Fire With D.U.I. Distributors” – June 2010
“The choice to go with a D.U.I. was a no-brainer. While a well tuned H.E.I. can produce up to 40,000 volts(compared to 18,000 volts typically produced by a points system), Performance Distributors’ D.U.I. cranks out 50,000-volts, which provides a superior spark and ignition, quicker starts, smoother idle and (believe it or not) better fuel economy.”

“Upgrading to a DUI Distributor on Our ’65 Mustang 6” – August 2012
We were impressed with the performance we gained from the DUI distributor. There was a noticeable difference in reliability and the power gain. Interview with Owner, Steve Davis

“Performance Distributors Bring The Heat” – December 2010
The tall block Chevy DUI distributor are hand made and only require just one wire to hook it up and blast 50,000 volts to the plugs.

“Performance Distributors New Slip-Collar Chevy D.U.I. Distributor” – March 2011
Of course, Performance Distributors hand-calibrates the mechanical advance curve on their distributor machine for each distributor. If you’re looking for instant throttle response and maximum performance throughout your rpm range, Performance Distributors is a good choice.

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